Moringa Oliefera

Hailed as ‘the miracle tree of the century’


It has been known and treasured for generations in communities in and around the Indian subcontinent where it originated, but Western science has only recently discovered and verified its extraordinary qualities and endorsed it as a true living wonder. It is as if a part of the original ‘Eden’ has been restored to mankind.

The nutritional value of Moringa leaves are extremely high, bringing the hope of complete nourishment to both the communities that eke out a marginal existence and even in the industrial and urbanised world where modern farming and food processing techniques bring us food, but with many of the vital nutrients absent or destroyed. Progressive governments and NGO’s are planting Moringa in many communities to increase food security and protect themselves from climate change. A key point to note is that Moringa is not a supplement as such, but a whole food in itself. In its dried powder form, it is a very concentrated form of nutrition, and even in smaller quantities, it is an effective boost to our bodies. Moringa Mavens® is bringing this miracle to your home.

Moringa Mavens® recognises the need that we all have for improved nourishment for ourselves and our loved ones;

  1. For a diet that gives us all the Vitamins, Minerals and essential compounds we need to develop and maintain a healthy body and sound mind,
  2. For tonics that gives us all the range of nutrients that our bodies need as it matures through its natural phases
  3. For supplements that will replace the energy that living draws from us and allow us to master the challenges that are daily before us.

Moringa Mavens® has a mission is to bring you a range of products that will allow all of us concerned with our nutrition to be able to access these miracles of nature at reasonable and affordable prices.

Moringa Leaf Company – 100% Raw Indian Moringa Powder. Superior Grade 80 Mesh Fine Powder. Bursting With Vitamins & Minerals. 250g. Sustainably Grown. Hand Picked. Shade Dried (Very Important). 10% Of Profits Go To Planting Moringa Trees