Generally people in their 40s and 50s , especially women, needs a lot of vitamins and minerals for performing the normal functionalities of the body. Middle aged women suffers a lot of health disorders due to the physiological and enzymatic changes in the body. Moringa helps them in many ways and aids them in crossing this stage with ease and joy.


Menopause is a crucial stage in every woman’s life. Though it is a painful stage, they can overcome the symptoms of menopause with the help of proper nutrients. A well balanced nutritional supplement is essential during the menopause, as it enables the body to adjust automatically to the hormonal changes, naturally maintaining Oestrogen from the adrenal glands and fat deposits. During Menopause, the body needs extra Iron and Calcium to compensate for the blood bleeding. Because of the irregular blood flow and hormonal changes, women feel tiered and at times stressful. Moringa leaf Powder, with 17 times more calcium than that of Milk and 10 times more Vitamin A than that of Carrots, helps to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

The high Vitamin C content of Moringa is known for it’s effect on the immune system and it also strengthens the blood vessels. The Bio-flavonoids such as Quercetin, present in Moringa Leaf powder, is believed to reduce the hot flushes. The high Vitamin E content, present in Moringa, is also helpful for Vaginal dryness and one study showed that just 400IU of Vitamin E taken per day for between 1 and 4 months helped women.

Bone Strength:

Menopause leaves women with weakened bones and renders them highly susceptible for Osteoporosis. If the body lacks the suggested Daily Intake value of Calcium, the body absorbs calcium from the bones and teeth. This makes the bones still weaker. Moringa with it’s high Calcium content, comes as a solution for this problem. Since the Calcium present in Moringa is 100% obtained from the natural source, this is readily absorbed by the body. The high Magnesium content present in Moringa is an important mineral for bones in the post-menopause stage. Magnesium, also known as “Tranquillizer”, will help with symptoms such as Anxiety, irritability and other mood swings.


Researches are constantly insisting that one of the major causes for depression is the lack of proper nutrients in the diet. The nutrients imbalance is believed to trigger hormonal imbalances and that would lead to depression. Depression is becoming common among American women and women in their 30 and 40 are highly prone to depression and sleeping disorders. Depression can be cured most times with the proper supply of nutrients to the body. Incidentally, Moringa, which is packed with Vitamin A, B, C, E , Calcium, Potassium, numerous flavonoids and nutrients, when taken regularly, not only helps people to overcome depression but also to lead a healthy life style. Quinex takes the pride in serving the most nutrient plant on the earth in the purest form.