Is Moringa Safe for Babies?

We understand that the wellfare of your newborn baby is of the upmost importance to newby parents and we also understand that  parents need to be able to make well informed choices in order for them to be able to safeguard against anything adversely affecting the health of their child. It is for these reasons that we felt it important to provide some more info on this topic so as to reassure and advise parents on the best known practices for giving moringa to a baby.

Due to the immaturity of the gut of newborn babies we do not recommend that you give Moringa to babies younger than 6 months as this may lead to problems as these babies may still only able digest breast milk or milk formulas.

For all babies above 6 months the World Health Organization recommends that around 10 – 15grams of Moringa leaf powder can be added to every 100g of breast milk or Milk formula in order to fortify & boost the nutritional value of the milk. This will provide your baby with a plethora of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids (protien) which have been seeen to greatly improve the development of infants in many areas including but not limited to strong teeth and bones, healthy eyes and brain development, growth aand development of internal organs support as well as increased resistance to illness.

Parents are advised, however to make sure that they get Moringa from a reputable source as just as Moringa can provide massive benefits, moringa which is contaminated with GMO (genetically modified organisms), pests or pesticides can be equally harmfull to your baby.

We recommend that your Moringa is GMO free, Organic, Green in colour (without debris) as well as having successfully passed Microbial, and phyto-sanitary testing.