It has been suggested by researchers that God may have created the “Moringa Tree” for the purposes of nurturing humanity, through the action of making this miracle plant for the purposes of creating nutrition for the lactating mother and her infant. The requirement of nutrients a lactating mother needs is much higher than the average person, and the Moringa leaves, pods and seeds are able to provide most of the requires supplements such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, carbohydrates and caratenoids. Moringa has a high vitamin A content that aids in increasing the quality and quantity of milk produced by the mother.

MORINGA ASSISTING IN THE BLOOD FLOW OF PREGNANT MOTHERS Moringa has an extraordinarily high iron content and is said to provide 8 times more iron then spinache. As pregnant women have a tendency to suffer form lower iron levels during pregnancy, Moringa is a valuable supplement to assist in the increase and maintain safer iron levels. As Moringa is also high in Betacarotene, this also assists with hemoglobin content of blood, this combined with the iron, serves to improve the Oxygen absorption ability of the blood, which improves the overall metabolic activities of the blood, and increases the bodies immune system.

LACTATING MOTHERS Moringa is known as a Galactagogues herb which is a classification of herb that assists in increasing milk supply. Moringa is one of the most studied herbs in the Philippines which has resulted in confirming the efficacy in increasing the milk supply in breast-feeding mothers. It is usually suggested that it should be given 3 days post-partum or after delivery to induce lactation.

Moringa produces 17 times more calcium than than that of milk rendering it more effective especially for those who would be otherwise unable to access calcium from milk and dairy because of lactose intolerance. Mothers who regularly consume Moringa will have a higher nutrition profile, and therefore will produce more nutrition milk for their baby.

Prolactin is the most important hormone in the initiation of lactionThe consumption of Moringa Leaves have the effect of enhancing lactation evidenced by the increase in maternal serum prolactin levels. Taking Moringa leaf powder or capsules will help to increase nutrients in the pregnant mother and prepare for the increasing milk supply if it is taken regularly prior to delivery.